Roll forming to tight tolerances is our specialty.

In 2016 Rollform of Jamestown, Inc. was renamed “Precision Rollform Technologies” to reflect its national leadership position in the development and utilization of unique and advanced roll form technology. So to all our valued customers and suppliers: Welcome to Precision Rollform Technologies, located as always in Jamestown, NY.

Let us provide just one example of many that demonstrates the benefit of our new proven technology.

A manufacturer was searching for a new roll form supplier that could provide them with a roll formed structural section for their vehicle assembly. Their goal was to eliminate costly and time-consuming manual secondary operations that were required to add assembly holes into the cut-to- length “blank” that their previous roll form supplier had been providing. They needed the holes to be punched in-line consistently and accurately so that they could reduce assembly time. After reviewing the customer’s needs, we determined that our state of the art servo-driven cut-off and pre-punching technologies would enable us to produce their parts accurately cut to length with all pre-punched holes accurately positioned to tight tolerances. Custom tooling was developed to roll form their parts with precise hole locations. The customer is now very pleased to have the benefits of reduced assembly time, reduced costs, and overall increased productivity.

We produce both standard roll formed sections and custom roll formed profiles utilizing the most advanced metal fabricating technology available today. Precision Rollform Technologies has been producing roll formed parts for over sixty years. Our experience includes the roll forming of just about any metal that is available in coil form such as cold rolled steel, stainless steel, hot rolled steel, galvanized steel, brass, bronze and aluminum. Over the years we have developed a large archive of roll form tooling for standard shapes such as "U" channels, angles and "hat" sections. We can pull these dies off the shelf and begin your roll forming production right away, or if necessary, make slight adjustments to fit your special requirements.